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    Updated the MIC Database info, read back on one of roblock's posts and saw some info use.
    MIC Company Address City State
    1979 17' submitted by: roblock
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    1. David's Avatar
      David -
      Updated MIC Database info...
    1. roblock's Avatar
      roblock -
      Yep... I forget the year, but the name was changed from Rowdy Manufacturing Company in Anaheim, Ca to Glide Boat Works when they moved to Glide, Or. The MIC of RWY was retained...
    1. roblock's Avatar
      roblock -
      Wanted to add that Sandollar is actually a model, not a manufacturer or company. In the case of my boat, it is a Sandollar 17. Not sure how many models there were, but there were 21' open bows for sure. I suppose it would be like calling a Sleekcraft Ambassador an Ambassador instead of a Sleekcraft. Almost everyone who has heard of Sandollar refers to them as a Sandollar. In a couple cases I saw references to Rowdy Sandollar, so the name of sandollar is likely to stick. But it really should be Rowdy Mfg, just as a Tahiti Tiger is not a tiger, but a Tahiti.

    1. VJB's Avatar
      VJB -
      Got it updated sir... Thanks for all your help with this section of the forum!
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