• Foot or ski-boat style throttle?

    I have ski throttle control in my Tarva (single lever that controls the reverse bucket and throttle) and I've been thinking about changing to a foot throttle, 'cause reverse is kind of screwed up in the lever.

    I can see the downside of a foot control being that I must be seated to control the throttle, and I might (probably will) forget to place the lever into neutral when I start the engine.

    What do you guys use, and why?
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    1. H20MOFO's Avatar
      H20MOFO -
      I use a foot throttle for my lake rod...just feels more natural. A hand throttle would probably be a bonus for pulling skiers. Is your steering wheel on the left or right side of the boat. Another bonus of the foot throttle....if you get tossed from the boat......it will just idle until it crashes into something...as opposed to full or part throttle.lol
    1. newtojets's Avatar
      newtojets -
      i have been told not to switch from hand throttle to foot. i asked the same question when i had another boat. there seem to be a few reasons for not switching. one of better ones is you actually have more control from your hand than your foot.
    1. David's Avatar
      David -
      Why would it be any different than a car?
    1. "THE ADVOCATE"'s Avatar
      "THE ADVOCATE" -
      All of the bass boat guys are getting them, (foot throttles) The old school peddles with lips around them help with control at high speed and in choppy water. With the reverse cable, the jet O vator, a steering wheel and an orange flag the foot peddle makes sense. Oh, and a tasty beverage... or maybe a girl in a bikini!
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