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    1. David's Avatar
      David -
      Take a look at the 3rd & 4th pics, these are from old rigger!!! Here's what he said in an email to me...

      In an old thread 'can you identify this pump?' you posted some pictures of an old berk. This model was dubbed "the Toilet Seat" for obvious reasons. I've been looking for one for decades. It wasn't Berkeley's first model though. They made a pump for Dorsett boats for their jet, the Sea Hawk which is a very cool jet boat and I've been looking for one of these even longer. They were powered by Falcon/Comet 170 inch 6 cylinders. Found on in Colorado about 5 years ago but the shipping was a killer. I don't think it ever sold but I lost the contact info when my old commuter crashed. Look on fiberglasics site and under Dorsett boats, 1962 there's a few flyers showing the Sea Hawk.

      I've attached a copy of an old Berkeley tech sheet for that old pump.

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