View Full Version : Jet wake (and bonus! Lake Powell video)

03-31-2014, 07:30 AM
Hey all. I'm posting an IPhone video of my then-16-year-old getting up on skis for the first time. The ride was short, but he's really mastered things since then. The scene is of Lake Powell near Lone Rock near the Wahweap Marina. I still can't get over how perfect the water was that day!

As I watched this again, though, I can't help but wonder. My wake, and especially the jet wash, seems to be pointing awfully high. I don't have a jetavator on the 77 Tahiti, but did replace the entire jet train the summer before this one. I'm still a bit of a noob, having only owned this boat for a couple of summers. I wonder if that's costing me power and/or speed. It certainly makes the ride behind the boat interesting. Any thoughts? P.S., that's a 100' rope behind the boat.


03-31-2014, 01:36 PM
actually, thats a pretty low tail, great for skiing. the second best thing to teach a young skier, is how sweet the water is "outside the wake" He pops up quickly, that's great! You can also, limit your spray, by lowering the reverse gate a little (shift lever) it won't affect your ability to tow at those speeds.