View Full Version : Panthervator Exit & Steering Improvements

10-23-2013, 12:57 PM
Although I have been pretty happy with how My pump has been working. I wanted to improve a couple areas that needed it. One of the problems, was after a couple of seasons of use. The steering nozzle has become very loose. The problem stems from not having enough support for the bottom steering nozzle pin, the way that Panther mills out the exit housing, for the stainless, diverter tube. So welded a 1/4" piece of aluminum plate to the bottom of the exit housing, to prevent the bottom pin, from ovaling out the hole. The steering nozzle, has plenty of thickness, to remove a 1/4" of material, from the bottom.



This will take the slop out and prevent future wear in the exit.


Panther really cut a lot of material off the steering fin, inside the steering nozzle, which made steering the boat at low cruising speeds, kind of a challenge. So I modified a stock steering nozzle, just enough to give the diverter, its full range of up and down travel, without taking 2/3 rds, of the steering fin out. You can also see the difference in the bottom of the nozzle, where I removed 1/4" so the nozzle will fit the exit housing correctly.