View Full Version : blue boat will be back in the water soon

454 blue boat
03-20-2013, 03:17 PM
Well heres a update on my boat, its been down since memorial day 2012 last time out melted 2 pistons for detonation 11 to 1 91 octane wont work as I found out the hard way 3 times.I delivered a rebuilt 4 bolt main 20 over motor the our man Steve Mac and hes going to hone it out for more clearance and install all new rings and bearings and make my a nice reliable motor so I can have a nice motor for now and as a back up for when I get my dream motor which will be a stoker with all the best goodies in it and be blown ,hopefully in a couple of yrs that will happen .But for now I just want to get back into the water and not melt another engine and burn as much gas as I can witch means going out a lot lol.
Steve will be posting up soon all the things hes doing to it and the final build and the test run at the lake so ( I will be back ) It will still look just like the old motor just less hp for now