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08-30-2012, 03:04 PM
There are a few of you that have been around since the birth of this site... For the rest I thought I'd show you what this has evolved from and what you've helped to build...

It started with the creation of the VintageJetBoats.com logo... I had an idea and my niece's boyfriend at the time that is a graphic designer drew it up based on images I sent him...

Here's the first logo we used for a little bit... It just wasn't right though...

Then I asked him to modify it slightly for me, this is a "Lake Rod" site, he needed to be wearing a ball cap and backwards too!!!

On April 6, 2010 this site started out as a fancy little forum built with free (SMF) forum software.
I'll add more screenshots as I find them. This site has always been far from stock just as our VJB's are on the lake!!!

I always had the vision of a picture in the background to make VJB unique as compared to other forums. We didn't start that way though.
The buttons across the top were unique as well. If you've ever used a Mac they were just like those buttons on the bottom of the home screen. Pretty cool!!!

As time went on and the forum grew and the fancy little icons up top were slowing the site down too much, so we went with a new theme that was a little simpler and more transparent to see the background image better... At this point we started using "Member's" pics as the featured "Background Image of the Month (http://www.vintagejetboats.com/content.php?123-background-of-the-month)", I thought it was a cool and unique thing for us to do??? You must have too because people are sending and posting pics for suggested Background pics all the time.

We also went from just landing in the forum to having a "Portal", a place where we could put up news and article's and stuff and things... :biggrin:

These images are from the test site that I had going before launching the new theme.

As you can see the forum was pretty transparent back then.
I had some fun with the test site, just Steve and Jason had access to see this and give advice on the lay out and stuff. Some of you may get it, some may not.

We ran this free (SMF) forum software until January 31, 2012. Kreg (H2OMOFO) has the last post over there and you can still browse that forum (Archived site (http://archive.vintagejetboats.com/index.php?topic=1430.msg18261#msg18261)). Although you can't post or nuttin' I've kept it available for reference. Sometimes we come across a thread here still that's missing pics and that allows us to go back and find the images to repair the threads here.

We had a fund raiser to raise the $$$ to buy the software (VBulletin) to make this place faster for one and also this software is the state of the art for forums.
You all contributed around $400 to make it possible to buy the forum software plus the Garage software...
You all know who you are that bought shirts, hats, decals and a few of you just threw a few extra bucks in as well to get us there... Thanks again!!!

08-30-2012, 03:06 PM
So this is where we are today... Your suggestions and comments (plus my ideas here and there) have made this place into "The Place to be!!!"
Not quite so transparent but enough to get the idea and be proud of someone's VJB for the month!!!

Great peeps!!! Great advice!!! And best of all NO DRAMA!!!

One of the things you may have not noticed about VJB is under your avatar there is not a status (Member, Full Member, Super Member, Super Duper Member) based on how many posts you have.
I was all twisted up over the status names for the different levels, because they had to be cool and uniqie! I talked to Steve (78_ Tahiti) about it and he was like "Why do we need them, I think they're kinda stupid?"
Got me thinking too... Screw it!!! We don't need no stinkin' badges!!!

It was fun to watch Jason ("THE ADVOCATE") post away his random thoughts to get to 100 so he could be a "Full Member" though!!!
At this time we have just over 600 members and 20% of you are actively participating and checking in on a monthly basis. You all make this forum what it is today!!! :15_8_200v: Thanks so much!!!

I encourage more of you to post up and get involved. Steve (78_Tahiti), Doug (justsquirtin), and myself accepted the invitation of a few NUTTZ (http://www.vintagejetboats.com/forumdisplay.php?133-NUTTZ-Northern-Utah-Tall-Tails-of-Zion) and took an 11 hour ride and hauled two boats out to SLC, Utah from Sacramento, CA for a great weekend with Jason ("THE ADVOCATE"), Dave (wolfie), Rory (fkaracing), Kreg (H2OMOFO), and their families. I'm glad the three of us were unaware of wolfie's wife's (Jill) fear of "the boat people" when we first pulled up to their house. I'll let wolfie tell the story...

You have many opportunities to reach out and meet great people much closer to you and make some life long friends as we did last summer. DO IT!!!

Thanks again to all that help and participate and make VJB "The Place to be"

08-31-2012, 04:19 AM
It seems (to me at least) when out on a lake or river, enjoying my jet boat. There have been many occasions where I had felt a little like a misfit. Mostly because my passion is being in a Jet Boat, instead of a boat with a prop. It was so refreshing to find a place, where other Jet Boat enthusiast, gather, and offer insight, assistance, inspiration, and even opportunities, to meet other people, who share the "Ups, Downs, and Thrills" that I believe, can only be felt, in a Jet Boat! The camaraderie, among Jet Boat Fanatics, is an Amazing Thing to be a part of, and a wonderful feeling to share!

09-10-2012, 08:11 PM
David, you do an awesome job!!! Thanks for giving me something to look forward to everyday. My piece O would have been done years ago if there wasn't a new idea or great tech tip to emulate on here every time I log on.

09-10-2012, 08:45 PM
Thanks man but I'm tired of your excuses!!! Get that thing on the water!!! :censored_125[1]:

09-11-2012, 08:16 AM
The reason I love this site (of which are many) and why I stop by here at least once a day, if not more, is to remind myself that I am not alone in this habit, I mean hobby, called Jet boating. I have had the chance to meet a few of you guys at an event or 2 and as awkward as it was at first it sure feels like good old friends now. Thanks David for this site and everyone else for all they contribute to it.:rooster: