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05-08-2012, 05:40 PM
on here a couple days ago i posted about my egine build. well the short block is done but my builder says the cam i aquired isnt gonna be the best. he's not a boat guy but is the man when comes to building a race motor.

with that being said the cam i have is just your basic comp cams with decent specs but he said comp cams has jet boat cams.

so i checked ito them. they are for a or b impellers. i have a stock panther.

wich one is more suited to the panther? ill chage the impeller " if " i have to.

i want this thing to run balls out so any help on this would be helpful.

on another note one of my very great friends is a boat engineer and builds test models for all types of goverments. and he said that he prefers my style pumps over berks and the others. so i have the resources to get it right. thanks in advance for your help:biggrin:

05-08-2012, 05:45 PM
I can't tell you much about the Panther jet but I can tell you that I liked both of my Comp Cam profiles that I've used. I'm planning on using them again for the next one.

05-08-2012, 05:52 PM
i have the 280h grind now wich is 530 lift across. but im thinkin more towards the 305h wich says its more for the b impeller. the heads are d3ve and are gonna get poted to the max and a super cobra jet trick flow intake that the heads are gonna get matched to. an 850 is gonna top it all

05-08-2012, 06:00 PM
what motor do you have and what profiles did you run?

05-08-2012, 06:02 PM
Sounds pretty aggressive. You're going to need to match the cam/compression/and induction to match. You'll have to look and see what timing it requires as well as ensure that your engine can and will spin to the required RPM's. If all that matches up, I really want to see some video of it. It should push some decent horsepower. Not sure if the Panther is up for the task without some fixin', at least what I've heard.

05-08-2012, 06:11 PM
what motor do you have and what profiles did you run?

I was running a stroked 454 to 504 BBC. The first cam was .544 lift. The second cam was a .564 lift. I could really feel the difference.

05-08-2012, 06:14 PM
not worried about it spinning, its built very nice below:cloud9:. just more worried about whats the difference between the panther and the b impeller and what i should do to get it around the same. the bottom end now is 10.5:1 so its good to the cam and the builder is gonna tune it so i'm good to go there

05-08-2012, 06:15 PM
did you get any mph with the change?

05-08-2012, 06:29 PM
I definitely picked up a few. It was in a heavy cruiser with a fool driving it (me) so I didn't expect a whole lot. It was a lot better out of the hole.

05-08-2012, 06:35 PM
nice man! thanks for your input!

05-08-2012, 06:41 PM
Again, the point is to make everything match. That's what I'm trying to do with the new engine for the wife's boat....I'm stuck in a quandary right now.

05-08-2012, 06:46 PM
my buddy says if the motor will spin with the compression and everything flows nice with the right bowl and port work tuning is everything. luckily there is a dyno close by not sayin im gonna go that route but if i have to.... good luck on yours as i know im gonna need it as i venture into this whole new world of jet boats!

05-08-2012, 07:04 PM
Welcome to this exciting world...Hopefully Steve will jump in here soon. He can tell you a lot about your Panther and your Ford.

05-08-2012, 07:23 PM
engine sounds like a nice 460 build! Panther States, that the impeller in a 450g or 450h pump is comparable to a berkley "A". However, that is just a generalization at best! I know a couple guys that run a little over 70 mph with Panthers, but they have pretty light hulls! Both are 18 footers. The Panthers water intake area under the transom, starts to become an issue over 70, no matter how many ponies are spinning it! The intake is actually TOO Efficient! Much like having a Berkley Pump, with To aggressive of a loader! To put it a little differently again, its kind of like, after 70 mph, the pump becomes a restriction in the waterflow, and just adding horsepower has no real effect on how fast the boat goes. There are not any different impeller options for Panthers, like there are for Berkley style pumps. Besides the Panther uses a $1500 Stainless Impeller! The Panthers are a great durable pump, but have design limits. If you really like the hull of your boat, the most rewarding money you can spend, would be doing a AT Mixed Flow conversion, to your panther, or cutting the Panther out and install a berkley, that can take the abuse & give you the performance boost from the engine build your talking about! About the cam, personaly I think the 280h will give you a better torque/HP curve for use in a jetboat! Heres a thread about rplacing a Panther.

05-08-2012, 07:34 PM
See, I told you Steve would be a good one to answer it!!!

Sleek Freak
05-08-2012, 07:38 PM
I don't like the mount bolt setup on the panters either for a "balls out type deal". I would keep an eye out for a berk or dom.

05-08-2012, 10:16 PM
thanks tahiti. thats the answer i was lookin for. my buddy who is the engineer on boats eyes lit up when i told him it was an axial flow pump. he basically told me the same thing and is the one who gave me the cam and intake setup. and i didnt mean to mislead anyone by balls out. if i can get 65 out of it i will be very very happy. i just wanna get there quick and have fun doin it. words cant describe the test models he builds. he is the one who set me up with the cam. but if i can do 70 and have more fun than why not! either way the motor builder is gonna do a full port on the d3ve heads im just not sure where to go from there.

i live on the water with no lakes but im completely surrounded by salt water. a river on one side, a creek on the other that leads into a bay that leads into the atantic ocean. granted im not gonna go in the ocean but im just tryin to give you some idea of where im at.

im truly appreciative of all the advice.

so..... tahiti....should i stick with the 280h and full port or go with the comp cam designed for the b impeller and full port job?

another thing i forgot to mention is my last name is lake.... but they wont allow any powered boats in the nearest lake to me! how messed up is that!

05-08-2012, 10:23 PM
and i def dont wanna replace the panther. i love the fact noone knows about it but it seems to be a very reliable and efficiant pump. its gonna be fun no matter what so im gonna enjoy it!

Sleek Freak
05-08-2012, 10:56 PM
I have one and it does fine in a 21' open bow with a 460, but the balls out thing changed the story.
your panther will do fine on your deal.

05-09-2012, 09:26 AM
The Panther in my Tahiti works great as well (also a 21 footer) The Panthers do pull out of the hole very well! and with a little fooling around , the pump will suprise lots of other boats! Im prolly making around 400 HP. The camshafts that work in good harmony with most jet boats, are engineered for Torque! peak torque around 3000 rpm with about a 4800 to 5000 rpm max hp output. Pretty mild by most automotive standards. Gotta remember a jet pump is really just a dyno! Its operation is based on saturated horsepower! Hope that helps. Post up some pictures of what your building!