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02-22-2011, 10:29 PM
If you have a problem with a manufacturer or dealer in this section, whether it is a business dealing from the past or present. Handle it in Private! Via a PM, E-Mail, Phone Call, Lawsuit etc.. Whatever the problem may be, it is between YOU and THEM, not the rest of the world.

I have never been a fan of people using the internet to "leverage" what they want out of a business, nor have I ever been a fan of someone trying to hurt anothers livelihood through the use of an online message board. "Flaming/Bashing" the businesses that chooses to participate in this site is not an option.

One Strike Rule is in full effect!
I'll give people the benefit of the doubt that maybe they didn't see this. After one warning though (and said post is removed) and it happens again, they are BANNED! No Exceptions!

The participation of manufacturers & dealers on my website is far more important to me then some guys need to publicly lambast them. On top of which, almost everyone that does or will have a section on here is a friend of mine. (Something to keep in mind)

Please show them the respect they deserve.



And in case you didn't read the site rules when you singed up here's a link to them (http://www.vintagejetboats.com/forum/index.php?action=rules).