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12-08-2010, 05:12 PM
With the help of a good friend, that is a machinist & works with AutoCad & SolidWorks, We have decided to spend a little spare time & energy, to see if we can come up with a diverter/steering nozzle for Panther Axial JetDrives. That will function better then whats available (hardly anything) Be much easier to install (little or NO machine work on the drive, no shipping to and from Oregon) At a reasonable price! We are woking with the idea that it needs to under $500 retail to be worth while. So any input, any of you have is more then welcome, be it one you have seen, pictures of whats been tried, possible additions to ideas that I post in here for consideration in designing and producing such an animal. If nothing more, it will offer an alternative to whats allready been attempted & constructed for these Vintage Pumps!

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I'm pretty sure Steve will get this figured out. You should see what he's done to his Panther pump already!!!

12-08-2010, 11:20 PM
first I'll compare whats different, and why. Maybe then I can put something together thats similar, yet still produce similar results (sounds easy enough) I know there have been many here before me, with similar Ideas. So feel free to chime in at any time, about what you have tried, the results (good,bad, or indifferent) or the snags in your idea.

I know a lot of different attempts have been made to give the Panther Jet a kool rooster tail like all the mixed flow pumps share (Berk, Legend, dominator, AT) I have see whacked off Panther Exits with a Berkley flange welded on, then you bolt on a Berkley or Place Diverter nozzle & what have you got? A pump that cavitates, has lost most of its decent holeshot, and perform worse then it did with the sloppy trap door steering nozzle that originally came on the pump! (the reason Panther has a cover on the pump is so the inside of the boat doesn't get soaked from the dated design of the steering nozzle & the reverse gate) I dont want to get into the physics of this venture. I'm just gonna try out some ideas that (seem to me) are the logical direction to making an steering/trim nozzle that will work on a high volume, axial flow pump.

12-08-2010, 11:40 PM
I like the layout of the newer Berkley/PD steering nozzles with the teflon ring. It keeps the accelerated water going in the direction you point it. The biggest hurdle in trying to adapt one of these plentiful nozzles to a Panther is they cant flow enough Volume. Since the Panther doesn't have a true wear ring, If you narrow the exit size, you hurt the ability for the pump to pass water through it.

Here's a Split Bowl Berkley Exit Housing & nozzle that I have marked out the size it would need to be for a Panther.

The outside of the casting of the Berk steering nozzle is smaller then the Panther exit is, let alone trying to squeeze it through the inside.

12-08-2010, 11:50 PM
Heres a picture of a Place Diverter mounted to a Berk exit housing that is marked to show the dimensions, That "I think" are the minimum size the exit path (including both the steering and trim sections) would need to be.


Look how much narrower the place diverter nozzle is even compared to the berk nozzle!

12-09-2010, 04:55 AM
Here is a couple side view shots of the exit housing on a Panther compared to a Berk & a place diverter steering/trim nozzle.


The yellow lines are the size of the panther exit. Its the same as the outside of the berk nozzle.


The place diverter gets even thinner! So its pretty obvious that niether of these steering nozzles will work very well on a Panther drive! So I've been working on a Fabricated steering nozzle/trim adjuster. Fabricated out of sheet stainless steel (much like a fabricated sheet metal intake manifold is made) the installation of the nozzle will be much easier, as it slips over the rear of the Panther exit housing, and will bolt solidly to the housing. As soon as I finish drawing it up, I will show you what I mean!

12-09-2010, 05:08 AM
damn that one looks like a really vintage nozzle.... I would someday like to find a rams horn bucket and a cheap PD rudder, my steering skills at low speeds much like my back up skills STINK!