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12-05-2010, 01:38 PM
Lets see what we can get on this topic, I'm running a mallory one wire distributor, and want to put on a MSD Marine Ignition module that i've had on the shelf for about a year. anybody got any suggestion? and what do u run and does the ignition module help any and when do u know if you even need one?

12-05-2010, 04:25 PM
There are just a couple things to consider why & when to use either an ignition control module (fits inside most distributors) or an ignition control box (external Box) 1. most stock jetboats (at least built until the late 70's) used point type ignition (single or dual points) they are pretty reliable, and easy to repair (replace points, etc.) However, they are pretty limited as to function (no multi-spark, no rev-limiter, moisture sensitive. 2. When you start adding compression & increased quantities of fuel. Good results in spark plug life, Idle quality, easy starting, and fuel economy can be obtained by using some form of electronic ignition. This can be accomplished by adding a point eliminator control module, installing a new electronic distributor, or an igntion control box, or both. The increase in coil saturation time with electronic ignion improves nearly all aspects when compared to points. I also recomend for safety reasons (mostly risk of fire) that you should stick with marine rated components. I use an ignition control module in my marine distributor, with an MSD Blaster II high output coil. The Pertronix III module I use has an adjustable rev limiter, multiple spark, advanced spark control for constant high RPM use. Also, it fits under the stock marine distributor cap! If your distributor could use replacing. Then upgrading to an MSD or Mallory distributor is a great improvement! They offer easy advance curve adjustments, as well as better durability, due to their advanced design. Some models MUST USE an ignition control box though. Also using a high output coil is a must. The ignition control boxes offer a little more reliability then even the modules can, do to their "overbuilt" design. This helps the electronics stay cooler, therefore, more reliable and resistant to vibration. Just a couple of other notes on marine ignition. Vaccum advance mechanisms have NO purpose in a marine enviornment! A boat engine is always under load! it is never in a cruise mode like cars are. Coil in cap distributors (GM Style) are also not a great idea, as moisture builds up inside they are prone to misfiring, and if you install a high output in cap coil, they are notorious for burning a hole in the rotor and carbon tracking! One final tip! if you do use an after market ignition control box, keep it as close to the distributor, in as cool a location that you can, and alway run a seperate Ground lead from the case of the box to the engine block & the battery ground cable. The reason is a high RPM misfire occurs most of the time if you dont. ;)

12-06-2010, 04:26 AM
on my southwind i have been running a msd marine box and dizzy for the last 7 yrs-the box went bad and is not repairable-i bought another marine box and running fine-i will not buy another marine box if it goes bad-will run a standard box as they can be repaired

on my placecraft i am running a mallory comp 9000 dizzy and a hyfire box -so far working excellent no problems=

both have blaster coils and no rev limiters

12-06-2010, 04:42 AM
This is all kind of greek to me. so Ill try and learn something.
I know I have a mallory dizzy and a squarish black box coil... thats about all I know on this subject.

12-06-2010, 02:32 PM
yeap, greek to me too, I'll call Tom and ask him, lmao. He knows my set up better then I could ever understand it.

12-06-2010, 03:42 PM
Doug, I'm with you on the MSD Box. In the real application world. I have always felt "Marine" was a little to broad! I feel there is "Lake Marine" and "Offshore Marine" most automotive performance products function very well on boats that don't live on the water or frequent salt water! The only other consideration is if you have an enclosed engine compartment.
The Mallory HyFire Stuff is building a huge reputation in the ARCA & Craftsman Truck racing series as the preferred brand, boasting NO Failures! Thats saying something!

Jwall- I would think Tom or Josh has allready set up your ignition! (distributor-timing curve-etc., high output coil)

Mike- your boat is using an E-core Coil (high output) your Mallory Distributor can be either points or optical. just need to pop the cap & see.