View Full Version : Panther Pumps, is different a good thing?

09-07-2010, 01:14 PM
The Panther Pump is less at home in the lake hot boat arena, in this type of boating the high press pumps really excell. But from what I understand, once you put your boat into some fast moving river, with shallow water and rapids, this is where an axial flow pump shows its abilities. Since it relies on moving huge quantities of water. They are also about the most maintanance free pump out there. The Drake & Hamilton Jet pumps are 2 other examples of pumps engineered to move lots of weight up rapids, shallow, rock infested rivers and streams. Both of these pumps are even available with 2 or 3 impellers called stages. Its really to bad that Panther Jet didn't continue research and development, to progress, as many of the other pump makers did. Berkley as well as all the derivatives from it, legend, dominator, american turbine, etc. have always been something of an open source design forum, where as Panther, in my opinion, always kept a close door policy about design improvements or modifications. There are literally hundreds of thousand of boats with Panther Power. However because of their "We are the only ones that can make it right, or better" attitude. They have very limited resources, have only made small improvements from the original design. Its very obvious to me, the next logical step for Panther, would have be to redesign the exit housing & steering nozzle, or just create another version. That could better use the spoon insert design for a high speed boat, as opposed to the "this is all we have mentality" For me, I have always been an underdog fan. Which means I have to try harder, just to be equal to what seems accepted as the norm. That and I really dont want to tackle a fiberglass job, the size it would take to reoutfit my 32 year old Tahiti! :| sorry for the essay, its meant for no other reason then to give you, perhaps, just a little different perspective, on a "Vintage Jet Boat" propulsion system. Its to bad Panther refused input from the many boaters, inventors, machinists, etc. that have experimented, modified, improved, partially re-engineered Panthers over the years. Perhaps if they had, Panther could have provided some good competition for the other pump guys. This is not a complete comprehensive comparison by any means. Just some of my own experiences, from being the owner/experimenter of a Panther powered boat for 20 years.

09-07-2010, 03:18 PM
Nice editorial there Steve!!! I agree that it is too bad that they never refined this unit to be more high performance other than the inserts. The output really needs refining on this unit. I do like the minimal maintenance requirements of it!!