View Full Version : Registration issues?

06-05-2010, 12:01 PM
Please contact admin@vintagejetboats.com :smile:

11-19-2010, 04:25 PM
hey david -hows things floatin-when i pull up the site it shows that i am not logged in but when i go to a topic and open it iam now shown that i am logged in

i have reentered my log in info and mark forever a few times with the same results -any ideas

11-19-2010, 04:54 PM
What browser are you using?
I use Google Chrome and it does the same thing to me.
I tell it to keep me logged in, come back a day later and I'm not, I click on the Forum button on top and BOOM, I'm logged in!!!

11-20-2010, 06:58 AM
I use firefox, does the same thing when the site comes up(not logged in), soon as I click on Forums or someones post I am in fact logged in. I dont have to re-enter any information... Its not a big deal. plus Im pretty sure thats how "Logged in forever " works.

06-01-2011, 11:36 AM
We have had to tighten up the registration a bit because of spammers.
This is done to keep this site free of garbage.

If you are legit and are having trouble registering please send an email to admin@vintagejetboats.com and I will get you registered right away.