View Full Version : NewYears Day- the SWAMP!!

01-01-2018, 06:24 PM
I drove down to
Lake ‘smell some more’ AKA-Lake Elsinore this morning for there annual V-drives only deal. Pretty darn fun stuff. Really friendly bunch of guys with waaaay too much money! These fella’s need jetboats, that’ll fix that disposable income thing once and for all.�� Tony Scarlotta had several high end very very fast rides too. Spent the entire day hanging around, chatting and asking dumb questions, cuz, I still have lots to learn. I’ll post a few pics and links to my YouTube page for the vids if your interested in seeing some cool floats. HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!!!! Be blessed, Dean.
19633‘There’s always a jetboat messin’ With these Flatties...
19634Hauling the mail, huh?
19635My favorite pic of the day!!!
19636Check out this ‘55 Madella, with twin v-drives
19638Looking a bit familiar ? Say like TFH??? This is a 1955.
19639A chain drive connects the two.
19640Gearbox Assembly. Anyone know what I’m thinking?
Duel Jet pumps anybody? Way ahead of its time for design.
19641Twin rudders.
19643One of Scarlotta’s boats, very fast!
19644A saweeet Impala w/4speed and 409!!!