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07-28-2015, 08:40 PM
Hey guys,

I'm a newbie to the jet boat world. My dad has a 1976 Mantra that he has agreed to give to me if I'll get it running. We pulled the 468BBC out of the boat about 15-16 years ago to put in my 68 Camaro when I started driving. The boat had been sitting in the shop for several years then. My mom hated it b/c it was loud. I do have some fuzzy memories of the boat as a child, but they were when I was 5-8 years old.

I currently don't have pics, as I work in the gulf of mexico for an oil company. I do plan on posting pics and more info on the boat.

I'm gunna pull the old 468 out of the corner and tear it down, it ended up dropping oil pressure in the Camaro after about a year of driving the car, I figure its probably a rod bearing. In a way I hope the block is salvageable and I can use it. IF not I'll probably end up going to a 540. I've always wanted to do a blown big block in a jet boat so I'm going to build myself one. Depending on the situation with the block I'll figure out which route I wanna do. Either way I'll be getting a callies crank and ultra billet rods and probably diamond pistons and probably be topped with some brodix BB2X heads(unless my lead on a DEAL on a set of big dukes comes thru). It'll definitely be a roller, probably a hydraulic but a solid is a possibility as I prefer a solid roller. I'm not sure on which blower yet, it'll be between BDS, Littlefield or Mooneyham with one of blower spacer intercooler setups.

This will be my first blower setup, I've had a host of dealing with nitrous setups ranging from daily drivers to a buddy's 748" fulton powered stock suspension outlaw drag radial mustang.

I've done some reading in the past about the boat really needing full stringers for power in the 700+ range. I'm not exactly sure if the boat is a full stringer boat or not but being the guy my dad bought the boat from in the 80's actually had a blown big block in it and drag raced the boat so I would assume it is a full stringer boat. I will take a look when I get home.

I know its a Berkley drive in the boat but I can't recall which one is in it. I'm gunna try to get it out and send it off to somebody to have it checked out when I get back in from work.

I'm looking to build a 50-60mph cruiser, not really looking for a drag boat but I wouldn't mind having the ability to run up to 80ish.


07-29-2015, 12:39 PM
Welcome Josh! pictures of the hull, will help give us an idea of what the boat should be capable of, pictures of the bottom, help as well. Sounds like a fun project. Welcome to the madness :rooster: